About Us

“Benoy Group companies Share a Set of values, a commitment to client delivery and most importantly, a passion for cutting edge design. the growth of the benoy brand will realise our vision to become a multi-boutique design leader, reinforcing our reputation and fostering excellent relationships with our clients.

Seven decades of successfully delivering design innovation and award-winning destinations has put us in a strong position. the next step in our evolution is to build on the portfolio of services under the benoy brand. benoy group will allow us to offer more. More expertise, technical knowledge and creative talent, in the same considered, innovative, open and genuine way.

this is an exciting time in the benoy story.”
Graham Cartledge CBE, Chairman

Benoy Group is a multi-boutique design leader founded on the belief that good design has the power to transform the world around us and enhance our daily lives. We achieve this with the best creative minds, finding the right solutions for our clients.

We design for people and places. Pulling together different disciplines, delivering expertise, technical knowledge and creative talent in a considered, innovative, open and genuine way. Thus, enabling our clients to focus on generating revenue, engaging customers and evolving.

Benoy Group boutiques share a set of common values and a commitment to client delivery. Above all, one thing unites us: a passion for design.